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Your health is completely unique to you and hence requires an individualized approach to healing. This is exactly what functional nutrition aims to do. It is a holistic approach to uncovering the root cause of disease as opposed to symptom treatment. There are many root causes to the same symptoms. This can be maddening if you are trying to only chase symptoms instead of looking for the deeper cause to your problems. You and I are whole human beings, not separate compartments with independent functions. Hence I work with you as a whole person to discover what is impeding the flow of vitality for you specifically. Functional nutrition really shines in areas where western medicine has little to no answers for. I focus on fostering health on a cellular level instead of prescriptions and surgery. Because of this approach, every system of your body is effected by this approach.

You are probably asking if you are the right fit for this work. Some common problems I work with are IBS/digestive disorders, autoimmunity, migraines, skin problems, weight loss, energy production, hormone imbalance, mood disorders, and more.

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