“Recently I got my first “barefoot bar” massage with Jennifer. I have been to other massage therapists and I prefer a deeper tissue massage because I have frequent lower back pain. Deep tissue often has the result of being a little sharp, or painful, or not being enough pressure for me, leaving my sore spots still sore. The Barefoot Bar massage definitely surprised me. I was a little skeptical before we started, but the pressure was much more spread out and less sharp than common deep tissue, while being more effective in sore areas. I was ecstatic by the end of my session and had to share with anyone considering this massage treatment. I would recommend giving it a shot, Jennifer paid close attention to the pressure throughout 90 minutes, moving from area to area, not overworking any one point. The time was very well managed, and we even talked before and after about what I wanted and how it all went. My career as a pilot requires me to sit for long periods and often isn’t very easy on my back; this is the best therapy I have had. Thank you so much for your time and care Jennifer I can’t wait to get back in for the next session!”

“During 20 years of working as a dental hygienist, therapeutic massage has been a way to offset the cumulative toll that the work takes on your body–especially back, neck and shoulders.  I’ve had many massages throughout the years—all good I must say—but the bodywork that Jennifer provides is in a class of its own.  Why does Jennifer’s work stand out?  Primarily it’s that she has an intuitive ability to focus on those areas most in need with a touch that is deeply healing and restorative.  Additionally you find yourself nestled in a lovely space surrounded by serenity.  From start to spa-like finish, it is so clear that Jennifer loves what she does.  In fact, if you don’t beat her to it, she’s the one who thanks you at the end of the session.  Then you float home.”

“In addition to eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping well, I consider Jennifer’s bodywork an essential part of my healthcare. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about how muscles work together, and is able to coax those that refuse to cooperate (you know those ones that cinch just beneath the shoulder blades) to slough off their stubbornness and get with the program.

I would go to her every week if I could, but even seeing her every few, I experience profound physical benefits: better circulation, increased energy, and pliable muscle tone.  As she described when I first met her, muscles have memory and the more memory they have of being stressed, stiff, and tightly wound, the more that becomes the steady state. I, for one, don’t want chronic pain!

I’m sincerely grateful for having found Jennifer and her harmonic healing practice. I have no doubt that your mind and body will thank you too.”

“When I enter Jennifer’s massage room, I am transported to a spiritual, relaxing, and healing world where I am treated with kind and caring focus. Her years of experience translate to my body no matter what kind of massage I receive. When Jennifer utilizes the bars above and uses a combination of hands and feet, it is a magical, deep experience. The massage finale is so superb that I find myself leaving as though I’m on another planet knowing I’ll return again for this important respite in my life.”